Top 10 Racing Games for Andriod to play

All the racing games are indeed a fun to play but it turned all more fun after the introduction of motion sensors in the mobiles since they deliver a realistic race. In fact, motion sensors have helped them to grab a limelight status by delivering best graphics in the mobile platform gaming.

Top 10 Racing Games

Top 10 Racing Games for Andriod

How painful it was? when you used to keep pressing a hard button on your mobile to play these exciting games. All these hard times are gone and the racing games have turned from painful play to a more enjoyable one. Withholding millions and millions of fans, it is the best category to peep into.

Best Racing Games for Andriod:

So, are you ready to have look at the most interesting topic “top 10 racing games for Andriod” now?

Asphalt Extreme: Rally Racing: Off-road racings are fun-filled as you will be rolling those wheels over all those rugged surfaces and Asphalt Xtreme is one such game that never leaves you go without being enchanted. From Gameloft’s Asphalt Series, this off-road racing title will allow you to race on a variety of off-road tracks with a wide range of vehicles. At present, you can race on 35 cars that cover seven different categories, on top of it Gameloft keeps coming with new updates for the players to not lose the game spirit. There are many notable game features on this online multiplayer racing game. You would be baffled to know that there are 500 mastery challenges, 400 career events and various limited time events in this game. Another racing game that is free to play from this series is Asphalt 8: Airborne which is as exciting as the others.

GT Racing 2: Sexy cars are going to roll everywhere in this heavy graphics embedded game GT Racing 2. Though being rated next to the Asphalt series it still has grabbed a good fan base. You can have a touch on 71 different cars speeding from 30 different manufacturers. Given an opportunity to race on 13 different tracks by participating in over 1400 events will never leave you to ruin your happiness. Weekly challenges to play are also an additional feature to enjoy. Race against other online players without losing your game spirit. Though there are few pitfalls like slow updates, not much aggressive like other games, it is still worth a try.

CSR Racing: Be it Andriod or iOS, this game is one of the most popular among any platform. Talking about CSR Racing 2, it is drag racing where you can buy cars, upgrade them, and race wild to grab the victory cup. The campaign mode having plenty of tracks is the best feature of this game. Online racing with other players, excellent graphics and loads of cars to pick are the boostable features of this game. Available in the play store, CSR Racing is a free to download the game.

Nitro Nation Online: A newest drab racing name is none other than Nitro Nation Drag Racing, which is tearing all the charts now. Though being a free to download game there are limitations in energy limits or distractions. The features to enjoy in this game are the online multiplayer mode, loads of cars to unlock and the frequent upgrades. Similar to Drag Racing and CSR Racing, this game does have eye catchy graphics. If you are prepared to swipe some money, In-app purchases will allow you to unleash more exciting features.

Racing Fever: If you want to kill some time then why not “Racing Fever?”. Having a pretty much decent graphics, it has a variety of control schemes based on your driving skill. Similar to GTA games, you can see four different racing modes and four different environments with free ride mode in this game. A good game with no additives being created, it comes with leaderboards, slow-motion upgrade, and various upgrades. The best racing game that comes with the online multiplayer mode is Racing Fever.

Real Racing 3: EA sports is indeed popular in the gaming world with their most realistic Real Racing 3. You can enjoy riding a big number of more than 100 cars from a different manufacturer on various game modes on digital race tracks. You can download this game for free and start enjoying the game. A worth to try for its 2000 total events with different kind of races and rules.

Traffic Rider: The game travels in a first-person view wherein being a motorcycle rider you need to complete missions, collect coins and earn in-game cash. Enjoy the racing feel that this game gives you by completing those hard missions. Though it isn’t an actual racing game you will be enjoying for its great graphics and fantastic controls. You can definitely be not missing the fun from the first person angle from this free to download game.

Real Drift Car Racing: Fast and Furious cars are the most favorite for many and this game resembles a lot of them. Drift your cars and drive around the corners to stay ahead in the race. Based on your skill levels the difficulty level also varies in this game. A wide array of features including, the variety of cars to unlock, various tracks, turning options classic campaign mode. If you are thinking that this game is absolutely free to download then you are wrong, it is not at all similar to other racing games as it comes in both free as well as paid version. Achieving a great amount of 10 million downloads, this is, in fact, a great game to try your hands on.

Horizon Chase: The classic retro-inspired graphics makes Horizon chase a fun to watch on. Launched in the year 2015, it is one of the best premium games to enjoy. Similar to other games, loads of cars, background tracks, and much more features are waiting for this game. A glad news that awaits with this game is its extended support for NVIDIA Shield TV, Andriod TV, and other gaming controllers. You do have an online multiplayer option in this game. The free version is only the demo version and if you swipe your card for $2.99, you are going to grab the paid version and enjoy more.

Grand Prix Story: KairoSoft’s fun racing game Grand Prix Story, that is simple and quirky. Being a leader, you need to train your drivers to achieve the goals. In addition, you will also be acquiring sponsors, and win different races. If you are looking for a realistic game then this one will not suit you. It does give you the thrill racing feel and hands-on approach to simulation that demands $4.99.


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