Top 10 Android Survival Games to Play in 2017

Android survival games are an exciting collection of games. Apart from any other game, the only difference in survival games is staying alive. You can try hard and play the game without dying. It comes under the strong powerful category with a lot of excellent titles. Below are the ten best survival games for Android!

Best Android Survival Games in 2017


  1. Another World

This adventure game is ported from console games from early 1990’s, when games were less forgiving. This game is all about a scientist who lands up in another world unexpectedly. Inspite of consistent attack of dangerous boys, puzzles and animals your goal is to escape and survive.

Observe the use of tools and follow knowledge to exploit them and run out quickly. This game is available at $3.99 with no in-app purchases and is definitely worth playing.

  1. Crashlands

This unique survival game is a combination of different gaming elements such as survival, RPG, action, adventure and even monster collecting. The game is all about an intergalactic trucker who lands on an alien planet. He has to fight with evils, build a base, deliver the lost packages and save the world from bad boys.


You get support for cloud saving and achievements. Crashlands are available at $4.99 for all the mixed entertainment.


  1. Downwell

In this game, a young boy goes deep into a well in search of hidden treasures. To support the journey there are boosters and other things found in some vaults in the well.


This is a paid game and is available at $2.99. Though it appears to be overpricing you will surely not regret once you invest in the game.


  1. Kingdom Rush Games

Kingdom Rush Games is a series of three games which has its own challenges to build up the defence to survive repetitive waves of bad boys. This is one of the best tower defence games with each level consisting new design and defence set up.

Kingdom Rush Games

Though the mechanics of the game remains the same, prices vary but are very economical.


  1. Limbo

This survival game is one of the most popular and enjoyable game. It was released in 2015 and became popular in the same year. It is all about a young boy who braves Limbo to find his sister.

His goal is save his sister by solving puzzles, defeat monsters, and reach his destination. The game is believed to be short but costs $4.99 with no in-app purchases.

  1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

This game takes you to a newly created world where you can do whatever you wish to. You can build, kill, mine, grow and do many more things.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

In 2016, some developments were made by Microsoft and now with each update the Pocket Edition is getting better. This game is worth trying.

  1. Out There: Ω Edition

This game is one of the most under estimated survival game. This game is all about an astronaut who wakes up from cryogenic sleep in undiscovered space and is alone looking for resources.

His goal is to fix the broken ship, finding resources and ultimately to survive. Since it is a procedurally generated universe, each play will be different. It has no in-app purchases and considering the price it is a good game.

  1. Sky Force Reloaded

This survival game is more of theory when compared to reality. It is all about a top-down shooter game where the objective is to power up the ship by killing the enemies and completes the tasks.

Sky Force Reloaded

After the first few levels, enemies come on screen from all directions at once with a killing spree. Though it has better graphics it is an ode to legacy game of aeroplane shooters. It is one of the best free premium game with in-app purchases.


  1. This War of Mine

Among the top 10 list, this is the most serious survival game which is all about a leader of a group of civilians trying to survive in war. He has to defeat and avoid enemy snipers, gather resources like food to keep his people alive and also make tough decisions.

This War of Mine

This game is arranged accordingly as to each player will be different from the previous player. Most people enjoy this game even though it is expensive and costs $14.99.


  1. Plants vs. Zombies

This game, which is developed by Popcap was very popular in Windows and now has been introduced in Android too. It is all about plants fight with zombies that invade your yard.

Plants vs. Zombies

We now have 49 plants to kill 26 different types of zombies. This game is available at $1.2 and is definitely worth playing.

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