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GTA has always been a popular game in the action and adventure genre, thanks to its realistic imaging. And the most awaited release of GTA 5 is just in adding onto the excitement of the fans all around the world.

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What to expect from GTA 5

Many a times one might wonder with amazement on the Los Santos, the imaginary city, which is part of the game. You should be thanking Rockstar the production company behind the GTA series for bringing this virtual world of wonderment at your doorstep. Be it the sunsets that will leave you spell bound in the San Andreas or the music accompanying your journey through the game from a licensed music developer, there is everything to get amazed. But if you notice that the love you have for Los Santos is not something shared by the characters living in that city.

The latest version of GTA can be capped as the most exciting of the series and yet it is also the most dangerous in terms of adventures involved. It is probably a reflection of Rockstar’s latest obsession with showing anti-heroes as the protagonists. You can actually see that in GTA IV and even the Red Dead redemption. These versions also saw quite a few interesting female characters in the game.

What does GTA V bring to you?

On the day of release of GTA V, 17th September, it is said to gross more than 25 million copies making about £1 billion for the year. And without doubt, the game is all set to bring more excitement to your gaming time. You can definitely expect the best and the most amazing of the experience with this latest version in the market.

As for the outset is concerned, you can see the bridges, roadways, boats and shops sprawling across the visuals depicting the southern California and for the game play, you can definitely expect quite a lot of action in terms of aviation, underwater game play, and even mountainous trekking times.

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