10 Best MMORPGs for Android 2017

Role plays are definitely crazy and interesting games to play with.  You have the opportunity to be in a landscape with many other players and act out your every whim and fancy. Most importantly these games do not have an end which means that there is no end to your entertainment either.

If you look back you can see why World of Warcraft was a huge hit among the video gamers. Unfortunately it could never make to the Android platform. This was disappointing a lot of smart phone users. Thankfully there are a lot of Android MMORPGs rising up to the expectations for the Android gamers nowadays.

Best MMORPGs for Android

Given below are the top ten and best MMORPGs for the Android users this year (2017).

  1. Arcane Legends

This is probably among the oldest of the games of this kind. But this is an MMORPG that comes with all the latest features and alternatives that you can ask from a game. The play is so unique and so is the number of PvP modes that the game has been the top most sought out games of all times.

Arcane Legends

The player has three classes to choose and each of these classes have a different set of characteristics, skills and traits. The content is often refreshed by the developers so that there is no boredom.

So far the game has seen nearly 10 million user downloads and is rated at 4.4 in Play Store.

  1. Dungeon Hunter 5

The franchise has been quite popular and the 5th edition is the latest to hit the Android platform in the MMORPG category. You might find that this game has certain bugs and would need a little fix in the content but from an overall perspective it is quite addictive and exciting to play.

Dungeon Hunter 5

The game has a PvP, single player and a co –op modes similar to other games of this kind.

The graphics in this game are also quite intricate, with stress on the different components. There are events you can participate in, on a daily or a weekly basis.

  1. Eternity Warrior 4

This game is on par with the Dungeon Hunter in terms of being the most popular and best MMORPG game on the Android platform. The only difference which also works in favor of Eternity Warrior is its focus on the campaign on single players. The storyline for this campaign is quite fascinating for an RPG.

Eternity Warrior 4

While there aren’t many options for socializing with the game, there are guilds to join, of course some battles on PvP and more.

The Glu ensures that you are never bored with the missions by providing you with events every week. The content retains its freshness, thanks to the regular updates which also helps enhancing the characters in the game.

  1. Order and Chaos Online 2

This is the second edition of the Order and Chaos online game ,the earlier one was quite popular in its time. The current title is based over the concept of open world with lots and lots of missions and quests for you to undertake and accomplish.

Order and Chaos Online 2

With the crafting system, you can further hone the equipment in the game.

There are five races and five classes to choose from and therefore you have a lot of games to play in different modes including PvP, co-op, etc.

With fresh updates the game keeps getting more exciting every day.

  1. School of chaos

If you love being in the world where you can bully and there is fighting in the schoolyard, then you would definitely love this game of chaos. Ok, when we say bully, we are not encouraging you to bully but the game itself is quite cool to play. The game revolves around the fight to be respected by the peers in a high school scenario and there are lots of people playing with you.

You can customize your character, make your own quests and also learn some killer fighting moves to profit more in the game.

There are clans to be part of and there are clan wars to take part in. It gives you something entirely different for those who are looking for something extra.

  1. HIT

This is one of the newest concepts in the category of MMORPG and it comes with huge gears, quests, interesting graphics, stealth raids, minimal controls and much more. It is powered by the unreal engine 4.

Even here you can create your own character and socialize with other players in the game.

Since the October of 2016, the game is being updated regularly with new attack modes, newer challenges and lot of exciting features. Given that it is highly compatible with multiple devices and the fact that the game is free you will find it quite endearing in the category.

Most importantly there has been more than 5 million downloads so far for this game.

  1. AdventureQuest 3D

This is a game that can keep you occupied for many hours without you wanting to take a break. You will be the lead for the quests in the game and you will have the ability to create more characters, raid dungeons and do more cool stuff.

AdventureQuest 3D

The support on cross platform is what has made the game to the top ten best MMORPG list. You can either play it on PC or on your mobile and continue what you have been doing with the same players and the same quests from one platform.

There are also online events where you can socialize with other players and chat with others. It is completely free and is available on the Google Play Store.

  1. Celtic heroes

As you can guess from the name it is a Celtic theme based role play game and is definitely a much sought out game in the category of fantasy role play games. There is everything you can ask for from a MMORPG game including guilds or clans, campaign mode, quests, profits to make, PvP modes and much more.

Celtic heroes

You also have a system for trading where you can trade your equipment with the players in the game. It is definitely a good team to play from an overall perspective.

  1. Izanagi Online

This is a game that suddenly tops the chart and goes off for the bugs in it. Again when the bug is fixed, the game regains its position in the charts. The recent update shows that the issues are fixed at least enough that the game makes it to the top ten of the MMORPG game list.

You can make your own ninja, customize it and take up various quests. There are hundreds of quests and of course the campaigns that you can take up in the game.

Again the game features four classes, with option to make your own guild and other features that will keep you excited with the game.

  1. The Infinite Black

Closing the top ten list is the game of The Infinite Black, which is set out in the space and you will be playing the role of a spacecraft rather than a specific character. The tasks are equally unique too.

The Infinite Black

There are aliens to hunt, bounties to be found, treasures to be looted and raided and so on. The game also supports cross platform meaning you can play on both PC and on mobile.

With a rating of 4.3 there is no denying the fact that many users are in love with this game already.


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